Landscape-pictures from David Garedsha

Some of the very rare trees in the area.

A salt lake. The area is a paradise for birds and ornithologists.

Look at the trails where herds go to get an impression of size and vastness.

My daughter Sopo

Thanks to Karu and his old Volkswagen Passat, I could take some pics in the beautiful landscape. Most of the area is covered with steppe, some parts are even desert-like. Karu and me, together with his daughter Anna and my daugther Sopo, had a wonderful time - until we drove back. Thick mist gave only about 5 meters of sight until we reached the lowlands again.

I missed my monopod. It was lost in the car during the assault. Almost all pictures were shot with ISO 1600 in dim light.

David Garedshi is located in the south-east of Georgia. Take the road to Sagaresho, then head south. You should carry your passport with you as you might stumble into azerbaidshanian border-guards if you hike a little further around. The biggest threat though should come from snakes. Beware!

Here are two in sepia:

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That's a really beautiful place! good pictures!