Signaghi, Kachetien / Kakheti

Signaghi has become a major tourist hot-spot since a couple of years, certainly much due to restauration. Sakashivili likes to present "romantic" Signaghi to foreign guests. Well, as long as you don't look behind the facades, this little kakhetian town on the lovely scopes of the Tsivi mountain-ridge is charming indeed. To the north, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley and on High Caucasus.

Well, this is the not-so-lovely view behind some facades. I wonder how long it will take to ruin this nation's architectural heritage, if such "restauration" carries on - in Signaghi, Tbilisi, Gelati and all other historic places. More and more, historic buildings are being replaced by mock-up facades, while behind everything historic had to give way to concrete constructions. 

Heritage lost, Disneyland won.

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