Bizarre Opinion Poll

Tamar Alikhanashvili, a pensioner in Dighomi, has already shared information about her electoral choice with someone else. She is one of those thousands of Tbilisi residents who have been visited by National Movement activists in what the party calls an opinion poll.

The questionnaires are short and include 10 questions centred on incubment mayor Gigi Ugulava, such as “Would you vote for Ugulava or an opposition candidate in the upcoming Mayoral elections? Who are you going vote for in the City Council elections: the National Movement or an opposition party?" The questioners also ask for the address, phone number and job of the respondent.

What makes this opinion poll different from surveys conducted by independent research centres is that the interviewers most likely know most of the respondents personally and the people questioned are asked to give their ID details to them.Moreover the interviewers, who are ostensibly conducting the poll for Tbilisi Municipality, are at the same time National Movement activists.

“Our neighbour came to us. She said she had been sent by Tbilisi Municipality and wanted to know people’s opinion about [Gigi] Ugulava. She also wrote down my passport number and my husband's, ” Tamar Alikhanashvili told GT.


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