Turtle Lake, Tbilisi / Schildkrötensee, Tbilissi / Kus Tba / კუს ტბა

Turtle lake, Tbilisi
Schildkrötensee, Tbilissi

One of the cafés, late afternoon
Eines der Cafés am späten Nachmittag

Looking down on modern Tbilisi
Blick auf das moderne Tbilissi

Cable car, ascending from a corner of Wake Park to Kus Tba / Turtle Lake
Seilbahn zum Kus Tba, Schildkrötensee. (Basisstation neben dem Wakepark.)

Upper cable car station near Kus Tba / Turtle Lake
Obere Station nahe Kus Tba / Schildkrötensee

Englisch Wikipedia:
Turtle Lake is located on the wooded northern slope of Mtatsminda Mount at elevation of 686.7 m above sea level and fed by a small river Varazis-Khevi, a tributary to the Mtkvari (Kura). The area of surface is 0.034 km², while the catchment area is 0.4 km². Maximal depth is 2.6 m.

Full article here.

summer 2010: cable car out of service

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