"After their talks Saakashvili publicly thanked Sarkisian for “expressing support for Georgia’s territorial integrity” and gave his Armenian counterpart an Order of Honor, a top Georgian state award. He stressed the importance of Georgian-Armenian economic ties and said that border crossing procedures for Armenians and Georgians traveling to each other’s country would soon be simplified. “We must review our relationship and do everything to improve it again. I am sure that we will really be useful to each other,” Sarkisian said (Caucasus Press, September 30).

More importantly, the two presidents announced the impending establishment of a Georgian-Armenian consortium that would seek to attract foreign funding for a new highway in southern Georgia that would significantly shorten travel from Armenia to the Georgian Black Sea coast. Armenian Transport and Communications Minister Gurgen Sarkisian gave details of the project at a subsequent news conference in Yerevan, saying that the planned road could be built within two years. He said it would pass through Georgia’s Armenian-populated Javakheti region and go all the way west to the Black Sea port city of Batumi. He added that the new route would cut the distance between the Georgian-Armenian frontier and Batumi by at least one third (Arminfo, October 4)."

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The following article describes the limits of armenian foreign policy:

Armenia contradicts earlier Iranian claims of imminent gas deliveries

...a spokeswoman for Armenia’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said no supplies began at the mentioned date because at present Armenia has no need for Iranian gas. Lusine Harutyunyan added that imports from the southern neighbor will be made only “in case of necessity.”

One opposition member thinks that the latest move shows Armenia’s reluctance to risk a fissure in relations with Russia, its sole gas supplier for the time being.

“I do not exclude that besides attesting to its dependence on Russia with this step the Armenian leadership is also attempting a cunning move to win the favors of Washington, considering the latter’s tense relations with Iran,” analyst and opposition politician Suren Surenyants told ArmeniaNow.

According to him, receiving gas through an alternative way solves not only economic issues, but also largely contributes to the “increase of a political maneuver.”

“In any case, it is obvious that this approach of Armenia is not dictated by the country’s interests,” Surenyants claimed. “It follows the rules of the world’s big players.”

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Meanwhile, Alijev's Azerbaijan seeks revenge, says ArmeniaNow.com, citing the Azerbaijani President:

“As long as our territory remains occupied, we will continue the policy of an all-out offensive against Armenia in the political, economic, military, transport, propaganda, and other spheres. That’s for sure,” Azerbaijani media quoted Aliyev as saying in what is viewed as one of his fiercest verbal attacks on Armenia in the generally low-key election campaign.
No cooperation with Armenia is possible before a solution is found to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. No participation (by Armenia) in any of the regional projects is possible until then. And we will do everything possible for today’s situation to continue, for the situation of Armenians to become even more aggravated in conditions of the continuing isolation in order that they better understand what their future hinges upon,” the Azeri leader continued."

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