Iswetija: Kanzler Steinmeier "ein Glücksfall" (für Russland!)

Presseschau der ZEIT-online vom 9.9. unter dem Titel "Steinmeier, ein Freund Moskaus". Nach Ansicht der russischen Iswetija sei Steinmeier "Russlands wichtigster Freund im Westen".

Kommentare im Hinblick auf den Kaukasus-Konflikt erübrigen sich.

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andersbell said...

Sorry to use your comments to contact you (could not find an email address), but can you please check your flickr mail as I sent you a message there about using some of your photographs in an exhibition about ancient Georgia at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK.
Anders Bell,
Fitwilliam Museum

Henning(i) said...

Hello Anders,

I already wrote a reply to the museum. Sorry for not answering sooner to this comment - I've been travelling since a week, now in Armenia.