My photographic equipment / Meine Fotoausrüstung

Sometimes people ask me what I have in my bag. Those, who are used to pocket-cameras, may find my equipment heavy, but I find it handy. I always chose rather small and light-weighted lenses (apart from the 28-135mm). The rather small bag with only one shoulder-strap is easy to use, comfortable and doesn´t reveal whats inside (much in difference to the usual Loewe Pro or Crumpler photo bags or backpacks).

Since July I use Sony Alpha 700 (or Sony a700) in exchange for the previously used Dynax 7D.
I usally carry five lenses with me. Click the link for further information and reviews on Further info on Sony Alpha 700. Update 2010: I traded the a700 in for a full-format Sony a850.Link
28-135mm f4.0-4.5 - This is my favourite lens, with which I shoot about 40-50% of all my pictures. It is heavy but super sharp from 28-100mm even at open apertures. Should be stopped down a little beyond. Usally, this is not a portrait lens, as minimum focus distance is 1,5m. But if you use it at 135mm for portraits at open aperture, it shows a similar softness (just like a little bit of mist in the air) as the 50mm. Nice! Flaire is, although a sunhood was never delivered with this lens, rarely ever a problem. Further info

Minolta / Maxxum 50mm f1.4 (first version) - My favourite portrait lens. Beautiful bokeh between f1.6 and f2.2. The magnification-factor and image crop (as on APS-C format) is just perfect for me, as I like to take portraits with "a little more around". Super small and light-weight. Further info

Minolta / Maxxum 35mm f2.0 (first version) - My lens for indoor group shots. Almost all the pictures of basars in Georgia were taken with this lens. Small and light-weight. Further info

Minolta / Maxxum 100-300mm f4.0-5.6 APO - My telezoom lens. Should always be used at f8. Sharpest at the long end (thats what I want). Very light-weight. Further info

Sigma 10-20mm f - oh, forget about minimum aperture. f8.0 is a must. Then, it can deliver very sharp pictures, not only in regard to its super wide angle. Rather small and light. Forget the (almost redundant) lens hood and the lens cap won´t bug you. Be careful not to place people on the corners - they will look terribly deformed. Further info

2010: Traded the Sigma in for a Minolta / Maxxum 20mm f2.8. Nice, small, light-weight lens. Can be tricky to use, though. Further info
Bought a Minolta / Maxxum 85mm f1.4 G D - a marvel. Wonderful bokeh. Further info

The best forum for Minolta / Maxxum / Sony is the Minolta-Forum (in German); there are many helpful people with in-depth knowledge around.

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