Bilder aus dem ehem. russischen Hauptquartier in Tbilissi / Pictures of the former russian headquarters in Tbilisi

On August 26th we visited one of the largest accomodations for refugees in Tbilisi. It is the building of the former russian armee headquarters, abandoned by the Russians in January 2007.

Carrying matresses for refugees. While the front still looks ok, the back gives a hint to the situation inside. The Russians left the building like a pig-stable.

The halls. Even the lifts were demolished. Here, on the 6th floor, danger for children is all too obvious. The refugees first had to carry all the dirt and rubbish out of halls and rooms. The Russians had left everything behind they wouldn´t need. And took away whatever they could use again.

The "lavatories" on this floor. They work only on the base floor.

The water-supply for 1.700 people near the entrance outside.

A nameless father with his children on one of the floors. Each door one room. Each room one family. Each family one uncertain future.

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