Sno-Valley / Sno-Tal

I think I´ve published this pictures a few months ago. Never mind, this is a new version created with Photomatix Pro 2.4 out of a single RAW-file. While results with many other pictures weren´t overly successful, this one is IMHO.
There are a few more to follow.

Ich glaube, ich habe dieses Bild schon vor ein paar Monaten gepostet. Hier eine neue Version, die ich mit Photomatix Pro 2.4 aus einem einzigen RAW-Bild erstellt habe. Nicht alle Versuche sind gelungen, aber dieses hier kann sich m.E. sehen lassen.
Ein paar weitere sollen in den nächsten Tagen folgen.

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Anonym hat gesagt…


my name is Eleazaro and i'm writing from Italy, I was very happy to find you blog in the net.
I really like your pictures and I've found a lot of intersting information about Georgia.

During the month of April i'm going to start a trip with my motorbike into caucasian countries, I'm planning to visit Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno and Georgia as well (i've got about 30 days to spend in total).
In a first moment i thought to avoid Georgia as much as possible because of the voices I've heard about the politc situation of the country...but after seeing your pictures and learned about Omalo I really can't wait to go there...or try at least.

Do you have any fresh new about the region of Kevshureti and it calm over there or they have some problem with the cecenian conflict?
Seeing that villages like Omalo and Shatili are so near the cecenian border would you say it's still safe to go there?

Anyway...thank you very much for your intersting blog, I've found it very precious.

Have a nice day,

Eleazaro (

SHOOTING STAR hat gesagt…

Simply Beautiful Photography!


bijankafi hat gesagt…

I will be off for Georgia (Tbilisi and Batumi) in late January, probably. So your blog is an extremely welcome visual aid for my preparation - and for raising my excitement. Thanks a lot.

Henning(i) hat gesagt…

Thanks for the feedback.

If you have questions regarding safety and travel suggestions, please feel free to contact my friend Heiner: h.h.buhr at



sedat hat gesagt…

very good picture

César hat gesagt…

Hi, Henning!

Really beautiful photo ... as many others that we can watch and enjoy here.


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